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Remington and Philips Face Off For the Best Body Trimmer at the Best Price

Remington Body Trimmer

Remington and Philips face off for the best body trimmer at the best price.  Finding the best body trimmer at the lowest price isn’t always easy.  There are certain body trimmer attachments that an affordable body trimmer must have, and a close shave with a body trimmer needs to be an absolute guarantee.  While there are a lot of body trimmers for men out there that guarantee you the best shave, which of them actually live up to their claims?

Body Trimmer .Net: Remington bht 2000

Body Trimmer .Net: Remington bht 2000

Check out the best reviews of body trimmer brands that will help you save time and money,  as well as identify which is best for your specific needs.

The Remington Body Trimmer

The remington body trimmer is one of the most popular body trimmers for men and women for their ability to deliver high quality on some models.  Not only is it the best price body trimmer for its capabilities, many models of the remington body trimmer are designed so that their performance actually improves over time.  The Remington MB-200 Titanium is a prime example of a body trimmer by Remington that requires less lubrication over time.  The blades have been tried and tested by users

to verify that the claim of not needing the lubricate the blades for long term use is correct.

Remington 8150 With Cleaning System

Remington 8150 With Cleaning System

Additionally,  this body trimmer can be purchased for less than twenty dollars, and the sleek design makes it easy for everybody to use.  The nine adjustable blade levels on the remington body trimmer make it possible to perform a variety of shave patterns from very close to a nicely trimmed mustache or goatee.  That makes it about the best body trimmer for sale at the price at which it’s offered!

There are other remington body trimmers who have not passed the test of consumer satisfaction, however.  The Remington Bht500 has been said to need quite a bit of work.  It’s a sorry example of a bargain body trimmer that wound up not being worth the price.  The main problem is that the close shave is way too close, and users have found that band-aids become a staple after using this particular model of remington body trimmer.  While Remington is quite generally known for safe and long-lasting products, this body trimmer failed at meeting the standards demanded by consumers. Click here for more information on Remington Body Hair Trimmer.

Remington High Precision PG400 7in1 Grooming Kit

On The Other Side Of Our Body Trimmer Ring We Have…

Philips Body Trimmer

Philips has always been known for their reasonable pricing and high quality items, and their ability to create a high quality body trimmer is no different.  The Philips body trimmer model BG2030 is an upgrade from its previous model, 2020.  It comes equipped with a more defined trimmer attachment.  Additionally, as a replacement to the 3 combs of the Philips BG2020 that had permanent settings, the BG3030 is a philips body trimmer that has 2 combs with the capability of being set to a variety of lengths.  While the price is a bit higher than the remington body trimmer, there seem to be a couple more attractive qualities in the design.

Philips Norelco BG2040 Bodygroom Pro Grooming System

The first most important feature of the philips body trimmer is the separation between trimming down and shaving closely.  There are two different settings that allow you to achieve each of these safely and completely.

The comb attachments that come along with the body trimmer allow you to trim down a thick bush of hair any where on your body.  It’s an excellent first start to getting all the bulky hair out of the way for a more refined body trimmer to clean up more gently.  Once you’ve shaved it down a bit and you just have stuble, you can switch over to the foil blade of the philips body trimmer and get a close

Body Trimmer .Net: Philips Norelco Senso Touch 1280cc/42

Body Trimmer .Net: Philips Norelco Senso Touch 1280cc/42

shave to the skin without any risk of pinching!  To many consumers, that’s well worth the twenty to thirty dollar difference in price between the remington body trimmer and philips body trimmer.

Another difference is the variety in attachments that come automatically included with your body trimmer.  When you have more attachments from which to choose with a body trimmer, you have a lot more looks you can achieve.   The philips body trimmer is available for just under fifty dollars at select outlets online.

When it comes to the comparison of Remington and Philips, there is a higher customer satisfaction on a broader range of philips body trimmers.  To find out more about another model or manufacturer of body trimmer, click on one of our many helpful and unbiased body trimmer links below!

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